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VinczeSwiss - freeware program for pairing by the Swiss-system

As for (chess) tournaments with swiss system, many computer programs are paid. That's why I decided to create a free program.

 program name  VinczeSwiss
 author  Ing. Roman Vincze   (e-mail: vincze@ji.cz)
   FIDE  LiChess
 program purpose  pairing program for chess tournaments with swiss system
 (and not only for chess tournaments!)
 program version  1.06
 build version  1.06.005
 license  freeware
 price  -
 for operating systems  Microsoft Windows
 Linux (using Wine)
 language support  Czech
 English  (since 24.12.2019)
 German  (since 29.02.2020)
 Italian  (since 29.02.2020)
 Russian  (since 9.09.2020)
 Slovak  (since 29.10.2020)
 Spanish  (since 30.11.2020)
 download  vinswiss.zip  (675 kB)

Some program features: If you like the program, you can also help: The VinczeSwiss program is designed for easy adding of other languages. Language files are located in the Language subdirectory. For example, if some Swede make translation of content of file english.txt into Swedish, then the program VinczeSwiss will communicate with users also in Swedish. If this Swede sends me the above Swedish translation (as swedish.txt), that translation will be part of the next build of VinczeSwiss program. Translation rules: It should be translated by native speaker of the language. He/She should be a chess player with knowledge of chess terminology. Will you help?

Offer for programmers:
Now, VinczeSwiss is freeware. But if you will translate english.txt into your native language, you can get the source code of VinczeSwiss. Once more: that doesn't mean, that VinczeSwiss is open source! Only translators have this option.
The VinczeSwiss program has been developed in Delphi 5 Professional (Pascal language). Everything inside the source code is in English (variable names, function names, programming commentary) and code is easy to read. The code has approximately 7000 lines Ive given it 235 hours of time so far.

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